Monday, July 29, 2013

Royal latest

 It seems the hook has been moving quite slowly.  I only managed to finish 2 things this week. This is an older pattern by the Royal Society.  I looked forever until I found it.  This is made with DMC Cebelia thread, size 10.  The color is a light mocha, #3033,  I think it has become my favorite neutral color.  You can find it in my Etsy shop....the link is right to your right...if you are so inclined.  I carry all 26 colors offered just so you know.
The only thing I don't like about the pattern is weaving in all the loose threads at the end, but it is worth it.
I made this one in #20 thread.  It is supposed to be one of those things for the backs of a chair, but I wanted to make something that would work on a shelf..I think this will work perfectly.  This is also a vintage pattern and I found it in an old pattern book while on a search last week for a different pattern.  For those of you who know me it shouldn't surprise you that I "find" things on a search for something else..My ADHD really kicks in..I do take a pill for that..

I have a plan this week to make something in purple or lilac..just haven't decided what.  I am thinking a tabletopper of sorts.  I am open to suggestions.  It helps when someone else is telling me what to make because if I go into my room and start looking for something, I will be lost the entire day..

My show is less than 8 weeks away.  I am starting to wonder and stress over the things I if I have enough, the right colors, or patterns.  My show always goes better than I expect it to, and I usually receive orders enough to keep me busy..but I still stress.  I don't have many potholders, hardly any runners..and both go pretty well as do a few other things.  Oh well..I just need to not be so anxious I guess.

I am hoping that I get just a little more completed this week.  Anyway..thanks for taking the time to stop by and having a look.  May you all be blessed and that you enjoy whatever you put your hand to this week.


Pammy Sue said...

Such pretty pineapples! I wanted to make my runner in that color, but I didn't have enough in my stash and I'm not sure of the brand I have so I started it in white. I am NOT using a #10 hook though! That is seriously small and annoying! Ha. We'll see how big mine turns out with a #6.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awesome doily (as always). :)

I think you should do a runner in the purple thread. You need to add more runners for your show, so it's a win, win. :)

Blessings always dear Sista

Debi Y. said...

Both doilies are beautiful - all of your thread works are always so nice.

I agree with Stitchy McFloss - a purple runner would be a great project to include in your show. :)

Preeti said...

Both doilies are very beautiful!! :) I am sure you will create lots of things for your show. When you can make big doilies so fast, potholders must be just a few minutes job for you.

mary i said...

Oh My,Stunning as always... Purple is my color,but I think lilac might work.

Ninu said...

the doily is beautiful as always. All the best for your show.

Charlotte Huffman said...

I have one of these pineapple chair backs on my wing back chair. Never thought about using it on a shelf. Good luck with the show.

Anna said...

Superbe !