Monday, October 10, 2016

New threads have arrived!!!!!

Good Morning....Hope all is well in your world.  OK....had a small hiccup with my store this past week. Well maybe a few hiccups.  Let me tell you about it.  I get up one morning because I heard one of those weird sounds you don't hear often on your phone.  The sound of someone taking $$ from my bank account. So I look..yep..somebody took over $670 yeah I get out of bed quickly...  I called my bank and apparently it was one of my thread suppliers...I have to wait until almost noon my time as my supplier is on the west coast..they aren't even open.  I don't know about you but, when I have something like that happen I have a hard time waiting to talk to someone.  So I got my bathroom cleaned, vacume, dusted and mopped the floor...still had another hour or two to wait...ugh...picked up a hook...and hooked all the while doing time checks.   I finally talk to them...and you know the Babylo the thread...well it is hard to get all at once..apparently I placed a large order around a year ago...not all the colors came in...well they finally did.  I did not even know I had a pending order from them....I ask if there are any more "back orders"  yes there is....I said cancel them.  This thread is ordered just for me and my tiny I kind of felt obligated to take the order.   I work with 2 other vendors...have orders out with both of was delivered on the same day as the account was hit.  The other is still out there.  And now Babylo is on the way.  I do not have room for all this thread....Argh!!!   BabyLo may be going on sale upon its arrival...keep an eye out.

However...look at the colors of the thread that was delivered...unbelievable colors....This is the Alize Miss solids that co-ordinate with Alize Miss Batik, self striping thread.....This stuff is gorgeous!!!!  

You can find DMC Cebelia, DMC BabyLO and Alize Miss solids and Batik in my etsy shop.....would love it if you can help me get my inventory down to a more manageable level.  I will let you know when the new BABYLo arrives.


crochethuahua said...

Love all the yummy colors and am going to see what Babylo you have in.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Wow! I hate checking my bank account and forgetting about something I ordered.

Summer said...

The threads are pretty! Nice colours ♥